Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remy's Wardrobe Malfunction

I've been at a bloodstain pattern analysis class this week (just call me Dexter) and have been coming home later than usual. Instead of 4:30, it's more like 6pm. Remy's a big girl though, so I wasn't really worried about her having to wait an extra hour and a half for me.

However, when I came home on Monday, she didn't greet me at the garage door. I thought maybe she was taking a nap since I was so late. I took a step into the kitchen.

"Remy?" I called to her. "Where are you?"

I heard little clicking toes approaching the kitchen and a little nose poke around the corner of the cabinets. Bending down, I slapped my thighs and called to her again. "Come here, Sweetie."

She took another tentative few steps and I saw it: threads from a blanket that was living on the back of my couch tangled in the metal ring holding her rabies and license tags. Remy's new blue collar was now home to a blanket. I burst out laughing.

"How long have you been like this?" I laughed while trying to find my camera. She followed me around, looking for help to free her from her entanglement, but I had to get a picture first.

She had a hard time sitting somewhere away from me so that I could get the shot. She kept trying to cozy up to me for help. It was hilarious. I laughed the whole time.

Then I unhooked the threads and let her out to pee. But once she was free, she grabbed her duck, then saw the open door, bolted for it, and took duck with her. She peed while holding him and then wanted to play with me. Here she is outside with duck, which was almost as funny as the blanket malfunction.

What an amusing way to come home. I wish I knew how long she had been like that. For all I know it could have happened right after I left the house.

End Blog.


Belinda said...

Your poor dog looks suicidal in that picture. Either you've got her wearing clothes or you're laughing at her misery. Whoever let YOU have a dog? Miss ya by the way :(

Mom said...

Awww, poor Remy.

Tom said...

That's funny...the same thing happened to buddy at the apt. he wasn't tentative though when I picked up the camera, he got mad and started barking at me. I'll send you the pic sometime.