Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aw, Swell

I thought I'd share my left ankle bee sting with you because it's remarkably swollen for a silly little bug bite. The internets say that I'm okay as long as it stays localized, isn't over 3 inches, and doesn't last for more than a week. So, hopefully by Monday, it will no longer look like this:

Gross, huh? It's swollen enough that when I try to bend my ankle, it hurts a bit. And it's super itchy. I've been doing my best not to scratch and been doing a pretty good job of it because when I scratch it, it hurts... so that's a pretty good deterrent.

I'm gonna take another Benadryl and go to bed because it's just going to knock me out anyway. Joy. On the upside, maybe I'll finally sleep well. I just killed a really loud cricket who has been making it hard to get to sleep, and Remy's hopefully not going to wake me up at 3am again.

Here's to recovery!

End Blog.

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