Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Chipotle Ban

Last Tuesday I went to Chipotle, my favorite lunch venue. I ordered the same exact thing that I always order: Chicken burrito, rice, black beans, medium green salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole. I also picked up some chips for my coworkers (I don't like the lime flavor). When I got back to work to eat my meal, there was not a speck of chicken on my chicken burrito. I double checked the order and my receipt. Both had the word chicken. Coworkers informed me that the chips were also stale.

"How can you not put chicken on a chicken burrito?" I ranted. "I'm still hungry!" I exclaimed. "I'm banning Chipotle!" I threatened. "I'm writing Chipotle a letter!"

In fact, I actually did have a sit out on Chipotle last Friday. When it was suggested, I made everyone go to Planet Sub instead. That's how serious I was about my missing chicken. And, I did write them a letter.
Dear Chipotle,

I've absolutely loved the Waldo Chipotle store in the past; they had quality food and excellent customer service under manager Angela Manning. I've always ordered online and picked up my food and Angela has known me the second I walked in the door, always greeting me with a friendly smile. It felt like my Cheers. I ate there so often she recognized my voice on the phone when I'd call to confirm my order.

Lately I haven't seen much of Angela, and I don't know if she's left the store or has different work hours, but since her observed absence, the overall quality has gone down. I love Chipotle and still frequent the store, but will likely go there less after today's meal. I ordered a chicken burrito and chips and when I got back to my office to eat, there was no chicken in my chicken burrito. Even my receipt claimed it was a chicken burrito, but not a bit was found. It was sad and unsatisfying and when I turned to my bag of chips for solace, I found them stale. It was a disappointing meal that left me hungry - the first time in history Chipotle has done so.

I miss the quality that I had grown to love from that store. I don't know when I'll be able to return, for fear of more holes in my burrito tortilla shells and the dreaded missing meat. I don't want to stand in line to supervise the making of my meal, especially when it's been done so superbly in the past.

Tell Angela I miss her. She was always my favorite part of giving up the money to pay for my food anyway.
Today I got a reply email from Dawn Dillon. It seems her job title is Mojo Mama.


I'm sorry we have disappointed you at our Waldo location. I am not aware of where Angela may now be, perhaps she received a promotion and moved to another location. Regardless, you should still be able to count on the service you receive and feel confident that your food will be made correctly. We will check into this further right away.

I would be glad to replace this chickenless meal with another so please give me your address when you have a moment. I will mail you a burrito buck to use.

Thank you for writing to us. We'll see if we can find Angela and will pass along your message to her.


Dawn Dillon
Mojo Mama

I'll let you know if I ever get my burrito buck. I emailed her my address tonight. Also, I really do hope that they track down Angela. She was really good at her job and I doubt she was ever recognized for it. That place is not the same anymore.

I wonder if I'm on some sort of Chipotle watch list now. How many free burritos do you think I can get?

End Blog.

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