Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving About

Remy's current location: The guest room bed.

She's happy to be there, as told by the wagging tail. I've given up on her ever laying on her bed-pillow ever again, and have removed it from the floor in the living room and placed it on the bed in the guest room.

So, as you can see, she does move from the couch.

Here she is, sitting quite nicely on the floor between the dining room and kitchen. I think she is impressed that I was cooking. Look at her funny back leg sliding out from under her.

But this... this series of photos explains remarkably well what she's been doing lately. I let her out:

She does her thing, and then SPRINTS to the back door, super speedily.

Like it's home base. And she's about to get tagged out. Vrooooooooooom!

And then she stands there, on the top step, saying, "Lemme back in. Now. I've done everything there is to do outside."

I kept her outside for a little extra today somehow. Maybe someday soon she will decide that she likes the outdoors again. I think that she's gotten too used to it being freezing outside all the time.

So, yes, Mom. Remy does get off the couch. Plus, I wouldn't want a stuffed dog. They don't keep you nearly as warm. =)

End Blog.

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