Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blockbuster Magic

One of my friends let me borrow her first and second season DVDs of Six Feet Under, knowing how addicted to marathons I get. I watched them all, and I love the show, which she knew would happen. Turns out season 2 ended in such a way that I NEED to see season 3. Now.

A plan is hatched. I know, you're thinking that I'd illegally download them from the internet. Well, you'd be wrong. And it's not just because finding the third season all by its lonesome is a difficult task and like, no one is seeding it. It's because it would take a few days. I'm not about to wait that long.

So, I picked up my three Blockbuster DVDs from the mail and decided I'd finally turn them all in (seeing as how I'd watched them all already). I was going to suck it up and only rent 3 of the 5 discs of season 3. I'd get over it. UNTIL...

As I was in the car, I remembered that I get two coupons for free rentals every month. That makes five things I can rent for free! The whole third season! Thank you Blockbuster! I love you!

So I did. I've never walked out of there with 5 DVDs before without paying one little penny. It was pretty cool. And now I'm going to plant myself firmly on the couch and watch as many as possible today. Now I kinda wish I hadn't slept so long so there was a chance of getting all the way through the season in a day. But, it's a good thing that I likely won't - because I will be in the same predicament for season 4, and I will no longer have the free rentals. I'd put them on my Blockbuster mailing queue, but they can't be trusted to send them in the proper order.

Hooray! I'm off to watch a season 3 marathon of Six Feet Under of my own creation! Happy Easter to me. I love that I'm watching a show about a funeral home on Easter.

End Blog.

Oh, PS, if you spoil me on what happens in this show, you'll be making your own trip to see the Fisher sons, and Rico will be in charge of your restoration.

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