Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Death and Taxes... Or Just Taxes

I hate the country but love my state. Why? I finally did my taxes.

I owe the Feds $339. I hate them. I ALWAYS owe them something. And I never feel like they deserve it.

Missouri, on the other hand, is giving me $177. And I'd give that $177 right to Kansas City, if they promised to put it into the Police Department funds somehow... you know, since the city is in a major budget crisis. (People are trying to save the zoo because it's been suggested that's a good place to cut city funds. I agree. I have yet to go to the KC Zoo, so I really wouldn't miss it... and I know other super useful places that money could go. Like the police department, so all my best friends at work don't get fired, or so that they can actually pay for the gas that goes into the patrol cars. But I digress...) I love my job. And the city in general. I wouldn't care if my local taxes were raised. It was only like, 1% of my income. It hardly seems fair. I mean, this is where I care about, where I live, where I'd actually see improvements with the money they've taken.

They give you the option of donating your tax refund to the general state fund. If I could guarantee that money went to KC and not anywhere else, I might have actually done it. But I can't know where that money goes, so I didn't. Also, I need it to help pay off what I owe to the Feds. Damn them. *raises fists to the sky*

So, considering the fact that I had to pay $13.95 to file my state return online, and the numbers I listed above, this year I come out owning a grand total of $175.95.

I almost don't care because I know I don't have to fill out those forms again for another year. And I'm hopeful that since I'll have more interest accrue on the loan for the house, I might not owe as much next year. You know, since I only had the house for like 3 months in 2007. I'll likely be sorely disappointed when it comes to filing the 2008 taxes, huh? Ahh... what else is new?

But it's over! Over for another year! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

End Blog.

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