Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Cookie Monster, Come Over

A guy I work with has a son who was fund raising for his football team. I remember fund raising. Rather, I remember the need for fund raising and my father always doing all the work required. So, I figured I'd help him out. I didn't really care if it was overpriced or whatever - since the point was to make money. So, whatever, glad to help and all...

But now I have 3 pounds of frozen chocolate chunk cookie dough in my freezer.

I want to just tear the packaging open and eat it without cooking it.

I'm staring at my freezer right now. Or rather, where my freezer is, through the wall, and my mouth is watering.

It's weird. Because I don't really have food cravings, or snack a lot, and I'm not even hungry. But I think that having three pounds of cookie dough in my house is probably a really bad thing.

And I'm sure I won't actually bake them.

Sure of it.

Although, I'm sure it'll get eaten all the same...

End Blog.

1 comment:

TracyJ said...

I didn't know the Cookie Monster liked cookie dough. I think he prefers his cookies baked.