Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I'd like to tell you about my very first day of court testimony, ever.

Really, I would.

But I STILL haven't testified yet.

That's right. I was at the Clay County Courthouse from 10am-5pm today and I didn't even get on the witness stand. I'm slated to be there at 9:15am tomorrow. If I don't get on before lunch, I'll be very unhappy.

Hell, I'm already very unhappy. And cranky. So, I'll keep this short.

I forgot the book I bought. Therefore, I had nothing to do all day. There's only so many times you can look at the case file and mentally prepare. And it's not like I'm allowed to go watch other people's testimony. So, I was forced to sit on an uncomfortable bench outside the courtroom... all day.

I think the defense attorney is making everyone's life miserable. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. And I'm also wearing the same clothes. Because I'm starting to not care about this... which is wrong. I need to calm down and not be annoyed when I get over there tomorrow so I don't get defensive on the stand.

Therefore, I'm taking a nap. Because even though I did absolutely nothing today, it was the most stressful nothing I've ever done.

End Blog.

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