Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bet Max!!!

(Special Guest Blogger - Brenda the Ying and Yang of Luck)

Returning home from a night on the town of ole Kansas City there are two things that Nikki and I thought were blog worthy.

1) MB has washer fluid that jettisons outside of her car to wash off her headlights! This extreme cleaning action elicited gasps of pure geek-ing fascination from both Nik and I. Of course, the gasping from the two of us prompted MB to jump out of her car and yell that she indeed needed to witness the magical spectacle as well. Some may think that they have already heard of magical washer fluid, but they have not seen the amazing feat that the luxury vehicle that MB drives shows the public.

What better way to have others in traffic be envious of you than to show that you're bored and need your headlights to be cleaned off. I know I would hit the button and then look at the other cars from my elevated state (because I'm a luxury SUV with fantastic tire height as well) and waggle my eyebrows.

Most likely this would be followed by the noise, "Eh? Eh?" I do understand that the lowly peon would not hear this, but I would then gesture to how fantastic my car was and they would understand that they need to not let me merge into lanes because I was a) annoying and b) so fantastic that I'd find a way with my superior washer fluid shooters around them.


2) Kathy Griffin is again brillant!

Many are nodding their heads. Most are nodding vigoriously. Most are more correct than the many. (Isn't that sentence just annoying as hell?) So I had my de-virgin-izing of the casino this evening at the lovely Ameristar in Kansas City, which is but a stone's throw away from Nik's apartment.

And by stone I mean a pebble being thrown by a giant, most likely Goliath, because he likes doing that.

As we enter into the land of lights and whistles I as ADHD as I am can't concentrate. Because.... lights and whistles.

After we finally settle down at some crazy penny slot machine called "Great White" I proceed to show the Yin of my Luck. This being the bad luck... and I own it, I'm that bad. As I finally am down to the remaining ten cents one of my friends gave me to gamble I called and she gave the fantastic 'bet it' advice. I did, ladies and gents, lose all my ten dollars.

While MB and Nik didn't. They won over twenty. Each. Can you feel my lips purse and grimace occur at the same time. Yes? Good then we'll move on.

Craps followed as MB tried to let me know what was going on. I understood that you got chips and you placed them on felt and people rolled dice. I nodded when appropriate, but really I was there to listen to people yell and say things like, "I ain't fraid of no ghosts!" Which amused me every single time the gentlemen would say it.

We tracked down a slot machine with a pulley that I could giggle and crank down on.

After Nik played Cops and Doughnuts and giggled herself silly, while MB and I were baffled by the crazy game we played we moved on and spent a good while at video poker. Where thankfully, it took me a lot longer to lose some money.

Remember when I said Kathy Griffin is brillant? It's because at anytime this could be heard out of Nik or I... we then got MB to say it as well. "Bet Max!" Which would be followed by fake smoking and swizzling of a straw in our drink.

As we left I exclaimed that there were penny slots that looked fun. I started to bet safe.

Nik did not. She would continue to "Bet Max!!!" and actually won 25.00.

I was not doing so well, as I was sitting in between MB and Nik, allowing them to win and continuing to be bad luck, to myself.

I decided that I only had 14.00 and I tried to bet Nik that in three "Bet Max(es)!" I would not win. Because I am the yin of luck.

I was going to Bet Max, while saying it, every. single. time. until I zero'ed out.

Funny thing about losing complete hope and just trying to make yourself laugh. You make money.

Return on the money you lost, recoup your dinner costs, and then some.

Kathy Griffin rocks.

End Nikki's Blog.

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Bet max... grumble, grumble, grumble... Bet max!