Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still Waitin' On That Global Warming

When I arrived at work this morning it was 2 degrees outside. I’m not even exaggerating. That was the actual temperature. With the wind chill it felt like -9. The roads were fine, but the parking lots at both my apartment and at work were total sheets of ice. I came very close to falling several times. But, I did not. Sorry to ruin that visual you were forming.

When I let Rem out this morning, she took forever to pick the perfect spot. This annoys me to no end on freezing cold mornings such as this. I’m not a morning person. I hate cold weather. I’m very impatient in this regard. It just doesn’t matter where you go, Rem. It doesn’t matter.

But, this morning, as we were looking for said spot, even she was cold. She started shivering and lifting her little feet like she didn’t want to put them back down in the snow. Even her whiskers were frozen. Well, duh. Be quick about it and you get to go back inside where it’s warm. Sometimes I wonder how smart she is.

For example: She got a stuffed bear for Christmas. She likes said stuffed bear. She plays with said stuffed bear. We play with said stuffed bear together. I say the word bear all the time in conjunction with this toy. Anytime I ask her where her bear is when it’s not around, she brings me a bone. Not a bear, a bone. Maybe she can’t hear well. Maybe she likes to completely ignore me.

Maybe she just thinks it’s fun to annoy me. It probably is. I mean, lots of people do it. I don't know why my dog should be any different.

End Blog.

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