Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Never Ending Reservoir

Having your first car as a 1967 Mustang teaches you many of life's important driving lessons. It does not, however, teach you certain things. Such as: a whole bottle of washer fluid does't even begin to fill your entire washer fluid reservoir thingie. Who knew? I kept pouring and pouring and pouring into this tall, skinny, little thing and it... just never got full. I never even saw the top of the liquid, and all of a sudden I had poured the whole darn thing in there. I kinda felt like a magician.

I have no idea where all that blue fluid went, kids! Watch me pull a rabbit from my motor!

Of course, you have to remember that in my first car, the washer fluid sprayer consisted of me sticking my hand out of my side window with a bottle of windex. Eventually when I upgraded to the real workings of a the pedal at my foot that would work my washer and wipers, the little tank that held the liquid was tiny. I thought they were all like that!

They are not.

I have absolutely no idea how much that thing holds. It completely fascinates me!

Magic! Right there, hiding in my car the whole time!

I'm now assuming that they've never topped off that fluid when I got my oil changed, even though they said they did. I've been running off of the same washer fluid for two and a half years. I'm beginning to think that maybe my car can hold more washer fluid than gas at this point.

I'm telling you... amazing thing, that is. I've come a long way from my bottle of windex. (Oh, how I remember how much fun that was in the rain!)

*hugs crazy magical car*

End Blog.

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