Tuesday, January 16, 2007

AIM Update


Last night I said I was going to avoid this update because I heard mumblings of people trying to "figure it out". When people say that, I know that there's a huge change coming. Everyone who uses AIM regularly shouldn't have to "figure out" anything. Avoid it, I told myself.

Today when I came home, my computer was off. OFF! I also had to reset all my cable channels on my TV, so through my amazing deductive skills, I postulated that the power went out here today at some point. Although none of my clocks were blinking.

Anyway, upon restarting my computer, AIM asked me if I wanted to update. Did I remember the grumblings from the previous evening? Of course not! So, I updated AIM. What a foolish mistake.

Why is it that the more cartoony something looks, the better it's supposed to be? I feel like I should have big clown hands to use this. I HATE the new look. I hate the new size of the window. I hate just about every single feature. It's ugly. And I can't make the window any smaller. Do you know why this is bad? Because I keep it docked on the right hand side of my screen... eternally. Yes, it had ruined the right side of my screen, but it doesn't matter because it's always there. But you know what? It doesn't fit in its spot anymore. That's right, the smallest you can make the damn window is a good 8mm bigger than it should be.

Yes, I'm complaining over 8mm. On a computer screen, it's a big deal. Plus, I only have a 15 inch monitor anyway. I like my 15 inch monitor. But I want those 8mm back. Screw you, AIM. The windows are all... they're just wrong. They have stupid rounded corners and they're too big and... the whole thing just sucks.

I hate change. There was NOTHING WRONG with the previous version. It looked like my classic windows. And now it's all completely different. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate. I don't like the new icons. I don't like the little Zzz thing that comes up when people are idle. I don't like that the menus have changed. I have to "figure it out" all over again.

I was also upset that I had to restore all of my preferences.


I'm sure I'll get used to this. Eventually. But I won't be happy about it. Just so you know.

End Blog.


Timm said...

google talk..

all the cool kids are doing it...

Nikki said...

I have google talk. I'm not a fan of that either. Seriously. Why's there gotta be so much change? Huh?

Candra said...

I'm right with you on changes! I got have my stuff just right or I lose my rhythm. Don't even ask me about my feelings on my entire department moving twice in approx 6 weeks..