Monday, January 08, 2007

A Random Sort of Day

We had our yearly mandatory lab-wide meeting today. It lasted three and a half hours. There was some good information and I learned what was going on in other sections so it wasn't bad, it was just… long. When my supervisor got up to talk about his section, he said that since I started back in March, there's been no holding me back. It came off as a really nice compliment, and I think it's mostly true. I mean, I do like to learn stuff.

He also mentioned that today was my first day of court testimony, ever, so I got lots or questions about my case from coworkers, but with that went lots of well wishes and "good luck"s. The lab is such a friendly bunch.

That being said, after the meeting, I ate lunch and sort of freaked out, preparing for testimony. Then I got a call from the prosecutor pushing my time back to 4pm. The guy that did the DNA on my samples and I left at 3:15 to drive up to the courthouse and on the way got a call that we weren't going on today and would have to go tomorrow at 10am instead.

Whew. Big sigh of relief… but now I have more problems. I need to dress for court again. I decided instead of trying to put together something from my wardrobe I'd just go to the mall and purchase something new. JC Penny had amazing sales. Of course, they didn't have much in my size. (Which, by the way, is a 4. I was not aware of this.)

I finally settled on a blue suit because it was the only one that fit semi-decently and was suitable for court. I also bought two button down shirts and another black jacket that's not quite nice enough for court and possibly too dressy to dress down with jeans. But it was cute and under 14 bucks. I have a job now, I can do things like that.

So, I spent like $108.something, but I saved $115 because it was all on sale. Unfortunately, buying a blue suit caused more problems. The only nice dress shoes I have are black. A quick call to one of my "girls-who-isn't-fashionably-challenged" confirmed my suspicions. I needed to buy blue shoes.

After visiting five shoe stores, I finally found a pair of navy shoes that fit my tiny feet. They're not all that wonderful looking and they're not all that comfortable, but they were the ONLY navy shoes I found that fit. At this point in the night, I didn't give a damn what they looked like. I'm only ever going to wear them with this suit. And you know what? I don't even know if the color really matches… but… well, I'm a fashion disaster. People will just have to get over it. There's nothing more I can do.

So, as a reward, I bought myself Ender's Shadow, off of a friend's recommendation. I loved Ender's Game back in the day and read the whole series… but somehow missed the fact that Orson Scott Card had followed that up with a spin-off from Bean's perspective. So, I'll be reading that just as soon as I finish In Cold Blood, which has been pretty good so far. The book's better than the movie about writing the book. Actually, maybe the movie will be better after I finish the book and know what the movie's about.

Anyway… this is way long.

It's been a kinda frustrating day. I spent most of it being anxious about court that I didn't go to. And now I'm tired. So, in sum, here's what I learned today:

  1. I'm a size 4.
  2. They don't make many navy shoes and apparently in the whole world there's only like 4 pairs in my size.
  3. I hate shopping.
  4. Lawyers lie.

Oh, yeah… I also got a follow up call from North Patrol today about my break in back in November. Nothing new to report, they just wanted to check in, I guess. So, that was weird too.

But, it's now 9:00. I need to eat. Sucky sucky long ass day.

End Blog.

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