Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Consolation Prize

I finally testified today. It went remarkably smoothly. There were the usual "Ummm..."s on my part, but overall, I think I did alright. It was on the higher end of "good". The quality assurance manager observed my testimony and I got a nod from him as I walked out. In my book, coming from him, that's a really good thing. And now, I'm all done for the year. Even if I testify again this year, he doesn't need to go observe.

Go me. First at the lab to testify in court this year.

And when I returned to the lab today, I had a huge stack of business cards sitting on my desk.


I ordered them probably around 3 months ago. I wish that they were white, but apparently that's not something we can have. Because I requested white. But they are speckled grey with blue print. Ah, well. It's better than not having any.

They make me happy. Business cards! I've never had business cards before.

Along with all my contact information, they say:

Nikki Blackwell, MFS
Trace Evidence

Besides my CV, that's probably the only time I've ever put MFS after my name. I still think it's spiffy. I guess I should after how much I "paid" for it... (for the rest of my life).

And to top off today, construction was finally finished in the lab. Finito. Done. Tomorrow we clean and move back in. I finally see casework in my future!

Things are getting back to normal. They are good. I am good. My mood has uplifted. And I have a three day weekend coming up. Right now I'm going to ignore the fact that I have to give a 4 hour lab tour to the public on Saturday and bask in the glory of today.

Today was a really good day.

End Blog.

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Tomksbx1343 said...

Business cards cool, I got mine today also but I only had to order mine a week ago, but the next time they gave me a warning that it will take much longer. Well I'm happy that you court date finally happen and that everything is getting back to normal for you.