Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007: The Year of Slackerdom

Alright, so we're a week into the new year and you've not hear a peep from me. Frankly, nothing's going on. I'd like to keep it like that. It's quiet and nice and relaxing.

This past week I've been super happy to have some "me" time and stay in. While I like my friends here, I haven't been interested in really leaving my house much since New Year's Eve.

Ah, New Year's Eve... we won't go into the diabolicalness of that evening. Let's just say there was alcohol, and I was all over the map. I talked to my best friend twice, once at her midnight and once at mine. East-coasters, I really do miss you all. During those phone calls I went from laughter to tears to laughter several times within a matter of seconds. I mean, I love my life - but people back "home" should still be a part of it. I hate being so far away.

Other than that, I've resubmerged myself into the internet. It may sound sad and uninteresting, but I have met so many good friends through a fanforum. So, I don't care how lame you think I am. =) They make me happy. And really, they were the people who kept me most sane during the time I was in DC and working at Target. So, I will forever be indebted to them.

And finally, there's work. Or lack of work. We've been out of the lab due to construction for a month now. I miss casework. I really want to get back into the lab and DO something. A lot. Meanwhile, I'm reading and researching and learning things about fibers and the FT-IR. And waiting to see if I get into the FBI class on hairs and fibers in Quanitco. The FBI Academy! Which, truely, if you know me well, you know I only care because I want to go see where Jodie Foster ran through the obstacal course in Silence of the Lambs. But, no word yet. But hey - DCers - there's a slight possibility I'll be in town March 19-30. FYI...

I had my yearly evalution on Friday. It was glowing. Like A+, gold shiny star, glowing. I love my job. I love my boss. He said some really nice things about me. Hooray!

In other work related news, I testify in court... TOMORROW. I've been ignoring that fact because it's scary. I'm waiting until tonight to go over all my questions that I got in pre-trial again, and letting the real freak out take place tomorrow morning. (I don't have to be at court until 3pm.) I like ignoring. Ignoring keeps me sane. I think a lot of this quiet week has mostly been ignoring.

I could live like this.

End Blog.


Erin said...

Good Luck in court! I just imagine the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle's friends come in and start talking about how cute the court room is ... with a real judge and jury people ... VOTE FOR ELLE!! HA! You'll do great! I'd vote for you!

Nikki said...

Oh, God, Erin... you'd so do that too! For once I'm happy that you're not in Missouri!