Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Traveling Companion

I find that when I travel for long distances, I get attached to traffic around me – especially cars that drive like I do - with cruise control set at or slightly above the speed limit. I traveled with a white pickup truck for probably over 80 miles last Friday and became very upset when we were finally separated at a traffic light right before my turn off onto TX 300.

He was my traveling companion for about an hour and a half. And even though we weren't speaking or going to the same place, it felt like we were traveling together.

And this, folks, is why I shouldn't travel all alone. Someone should keep my mind busy and distracted from making lasting bonds with complete strangers or I'll become devastatingly brokenhearted on every road trip I go on from now on.

And who knows what will happen if we end up at the same rest stop together. Probably magic and everlasting love. *Sprinkles fairy dust on the world*

End Blog.


Erin said...

If only everlasting love happened this way...

Nikki said...

It doesn't? What about the fairy dust? That has to help some.