Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fantasy Ruined by Ugly Facts

Okay, so I signed up for the Blockbuster online whatever-it's-called-thing and have been getting movies sent to my apartment and getting an additional free rental every week at Blockbuster. Which is an awesomely sweet deal.

However, here's the issue: I keep getting frustrated when there's oh, let's say something at comes to me that I've been excited to see and the disc works for a little while until the DVD player reaches a damaged portion and stops completely, leaving me unfulfilled, frustrated and dissatisfied. You know, the things in life you're watching the movie to escape from.

Case in point – I just rented Jersey Girl. I'd heard relatively good things about it and I enjoy Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler together. They're the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of the younger generation. (And they all have 3 letter names.) Except Ben's hotter than Tom ever was and Meg's funnier than Liv could ever be. (Quick, someone make a Ben/Meg movie, stat!) But, anyway… cute movie. I get an hour and 31 minutes into it, when they're performing their big number from Sweeney Todd and… nothing. The disc won't play anymore.

Do you know how frustrating that is? After investing an hour and a half, I have no idea how the movie ends. What was the school's reaction to the song? What happened afterwards? Was there a Ben/Liv moment to end it? Did it have satisfying closure? Did he make the right decision? Did it end happily for him and Gertie?

I got no happy ending. I got nothing. I got annoyance and frustration.

So now what? Do I want to stick with Blockbuster? Am I thoroughly mad at them to consider switching to Netflix? Do they have the same problems? Will I miss the free weekly rentals in the store? Probably.

It's just a bummer when your escapism is totally ruined by reality, where things are imperfect and completely beyond your control. Reality sucks. It ruins my fantasy life daily.

Someone tell me what happens at the end of this movie. I hate not having proper closure.

End Blog.

Edited to Add:
Huh, will you lookit that. One of the cable movie channels is showing the end of this movie for me. Interesting twist, Karma. Interesting. Maybe I haven't lost all faith in reality quite yet.


Beth said...

The Sweeney Todd part is the BEST part! And I won't be able to forgive you for saying that Ben Affleck was good looking. Maybe if you think poop is good looking, then I could see your point. ;-) Hee heee ( I am twelve years old)

Nikki said...

Respective to Tom Hanks, you don't think Ben is better looking? I mean, he's not as hot as his good friend Matt Damon and he's no Gyllenhaal, but... he's not a horrible looking man. And, really, I have seen some good looking poop in my day. Things that come out of my ass are quite striking.