Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Naming Update

Okay, I tried out Lexi. It's hard to say a bunch of times in a row. The more I use it, the more I don't like it, so it's back to the drawing board.

I thought about using Riley but Dad says it's too close to my sister's dog Ripley. Riley is cute and easy to say. It's on the back burner.

Right now I'm calling her River. I like it. It's a little different. It's also a Joss Whedon character (Firefly) like Riley (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), if that makes a difference to anyone.

River. Rivey. Rivs. Rivers. Rivseys. Riv.

I think I like this one the most so far... to be continued...

End Blog.

Monday, March 30, 2009

No Name Started Responding to "No Name"

It's about time I name her already.

The leading one (since I've gotten all my friends involved) is currently Lexus. Or Lexington.


Are Remington and Lexington too similar? How do you feel about Lexi or Lex or Lexus?

Lexington = super American, first revolutionary war battle, even though I hate history. Lexus = foreign car maker, better sounding name to yell, kinda classy... or maybe snobby. Lex = villain in Superman.

Naming children is hard.

End Blog.

PS, I took her to see her sister tonight. They had loads of fun.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oops, I Accidentally Got Another Puppy

Today I found out the hard way that it is impossible to look at puppies and not bring one home. I went to the home show with one of my friends and I came home with a puppy. Granted, so did my friend, but she's actually been kinda looking for a puppy since hers passed away. Was this decision well thought out? Absolutely not. But puppy! Adorable! Squeeeeee!

The puppies are from the same litter. Mom is a pointer, dad a husky. Her sister's name (that said friend took home) is Scout. I'm still working on a name for my puppy.

She smells like a puppy. She has puppy breath. She is amazingly adorable because I think she looks exactly like Remy would have as a puppy. If only she had the white stripe on her head! This puppy looks like Remy's daughter. It's fabulous.

She's been silly, rolling around in the grass and playing with Remy's toys which are as big as she is. Remy's tried to get her to play a few times and her reaction is always the same: she hits the deck and rolls over into submission. Is there actually a dog in the world more submissive than Remy, the Omega dog?

Here are some pictures:





Are they the same dog? Have I discovered time travel?


Help me think of a fitting name. The ones currently in the running are - Roxy, Riot, Magic and Blaze. I couldn't think of a good gun type name to go well with Remy... so if you can, I'd like some suggestions. She's also got the little white tip on her tail, and her tail is curly. I guess it's the husky in her. No idea if she'll mohawk or not.

Here's some video for help with personality.

Also, Brenda adopted a cat today... Wonder Twins activate... in the form of... Adoption!

End Blog.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mustache Mayhem

You may know that one of my friends, Daniel, has grown a mustache and has had it for quite some time now (like, a year). When asked when he would shave it off, his response was, "When it goes out of style." I'm not sure how Mustache Mayhem came about, but I'm not one to ask too many questions when something like this comes my way. Five girls in fake mustaches? Hilarious.

Plus, it also gives you an excuse to run around saying things like, "Mario!" and "Luigi!" and "I'd like a pizza pie!"

And fight with your best friend.

And walk to the grocery store for beer and cake.

People are so friendly to you when you're in a fake mustache. And they don't even care that you're in a fake mustache when they card you for buying beer. I can't even begin to describe what a great time we had watching people's reactions... especially those driving by our caravan of three cars.

And it gives you an excuse to play lawn darts and judge accordingly.

And claim ownership of things by placing your foot on them. The Anderson's couch was claimed in the name of mustache. I can't tell you how happy I was to still own this hat. It complimented my mustache so well.

And an excuse to look at Playboy. The boys have real mustaches in case you were wondering.

Even my Watchmen sticker grew a mustache for the occasion.

Hilarity ensued all day. But this was my favorite moment. Brokeback Mustache... our hand faces drank their way off into the sunset together... and lived mustache ever after.

I know, sometimes it's awesome to be me. All of these women are getting an extra point in my friend book... +1, will wear fake mustache in public for no good reason. Happy Snake Saturday.

End Blog.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Flashback to the 1980s

My birthday was last Saturday and I planned an 80s party for it. I put up a bunch of 80s movie posters that I printed from my computer and threw in some 80s bands for good measure. I went to Party America and found bottle caps and pixie stix and garbage pail kids (they seemed less gross than they used to) and candy necklaces and pop rocks and razzles. "Don't swallow it, just have faith, it will turn into gum!"

I wrote a big "NEW" on the 2 liter bottle of Coke and crossed out classic. I had a mix of 200 songs from the 80s. We didn't get through all of them even though we were up until 5am.

And I got people to dress the part. The best part was, everyone was totally into it and seemed to have a great time. The saddest part was that lots of us got parts of our outfits from Target and Walmart. Why is this fashion coming back?

Me and my coworkers!

Tanya won the "bring an 80s picture of yourself photo contest that has no prize" with a photo of her from a lipsynching contest in the mall when she was in high school. I will never know anyone cooler than this woman.

Troy's holding a tennis racket, in case you can't tell. I love his hair but he refuses to wear it like this in public.

This man is a rock god. You can tell by his Hannah Montana temporary tattoo.

Can you believe she got her entire outfit in Target?

It's Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful!

We helped Beth graffiti her jacket. This thing is totally rad.

Win, Lose or Draw.

Inspiration: Flashdance and Madonna. That's right, I found white lace fingerless gloves.

Is that Jennifer Beals hugging Robin Sparkles??

They got the beat.

Magnum, PI sits between adoring fans.

I bet this picture looks like ones you have from the 80s... minus that computer and printer in the background.

Remy dressed like Spuds McKenzie and drank Bud Light all night. She even attracts the ladies like him.

Until she became a rockstar and went on tour with Slash.

We ate pop rocks and coke, played Win, Lose, or Draw, put on a couple movies like Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, and Some Kind of Wonderful (after all, Watts - aka Brenda - was in that movie), and ended the night with Guitar Hero... or RockBand, I don't remember.

It was probably one of the best birthdays of recent memory, even if it snowed five inches the night before and I had to shovel my giant driveway so that all my people had somewhere to park.

I'm very happy for all my people. Thank you all for making it such a great night.

End Blog.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I got my new monitor tonight. I'm super exhausted because I took the day off of work and played 9 holes of golf (I'm so horrible but it's really fun) and had the cable guy fix my DVR that was no longer working after their software update, and then went and found my monitor. It's soooo pretty.

The plan is to actually blog about it with pictures, watch something fun on it, and blog about my birthday party as well... tomorrow night (probably this weekend). I was just too pleased to not fangirl squee about it right now.

I am happy. And here is the best part:

Remember when I said the birthday plan was to pool money and be lame so that I could make this purchase and that I didn't really need an actual present? When you total up all the money I got, I ended up paying seventy nine cents for this monitor. And that was excluding the money my parents gave me for my birthday. Yes, some of the money I used was given to me for Christmas, but that's okay.

I love my seventy nine cent monitor.

We can all thank Belinda for the interesting change. She gave me a mason jar full of silver coins for my birthday that totaled $28.76. One penny slipped in.

Promise to update soon. For now, I must get to bed. So sleepy!

End Blog.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Totally Awesome Guest Bloggers!

Hello gentle readers this is Brenda and Ashley as guest bloggers at Nikki's totally awesome 80s party. We have been told to not edit ourselves to show the maximum radicalness and drunkenness of ourselves at this point of the evening.

At first entering the house we were totally astonished at the movie posters around the building and the rad candy left for us to devour (it popped in Ashley's mouth, aye!) There were booze, and laughter, and many many many many ptho... hmmm photo ops. at this party.

We played some Win, Lose, or Draw... we played some Guitar Hero and there was much hairspray and bangles and of course leggings in the buildling as well as some narly male costumes (mostly Canadian tuxedos and hair bang wigs!).

The booze flourished and pizza abounded as we recalled the times we were remembering or falsely remembering as many of us were wee babes at the time.

But total awesomeness was had as 80s movies were in the background with a soundtrack of fantisticness.

Rock Hard.

Rock with Spandex.

Rock on.

End Blog.

Whaat goes around comes around.