Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oops, I Accidentally Got Another Puppy

Today I found out the hard way that it is impossible to look at puppies and not bring one home. I went to the home show with one of my friends and I came home with a puppy. Granted, so did my friend, but she's actually been kinda looking for a puppy since hers passed away. Was this decision well thought out? Absolutely not. But puppy! Adorable! Squeeeeee!

The puppies are from the same litter. Mom is a pointer, dad a husky. Her sister's name (that said friend took home) is Scout. I'm still working on a name for my puppy.

She smells like a puppy. She has puppy breath. She is amazingly adorable because I think she looks exactly like Remy would have as a puppy. If only she had the white stripe on her head! This puppy looks like Remy's daughter. It's fabulous.

She's been silly, rolling around in the grass and playing with Remy's toys which are as big as she is. Remy's tried to get her to play a few times and her reaction is always the same: she hits the deck and rolls over into submission. Is there actually a dog in the world more submissive than Remy, the Omega dog?

Here are some pictures:





Are they the same dog? Have I discovered time travel?


Help me think of a fitting name. The ones currently in the running are - Roxy, Riot, Magic and Blaze. I couldn't think of a good gun type name to go well with Remy... so if you can, I'd like some suggestions. She's also got the little white tip on her tail, and her tail is curly. I guess it's the husky in her. No idea if she'll mohawk or not.

Here's some video for help with personality.

Also, Brenda adopted a cat today... Wonder Twins activate... in the form of... Adoption!

End Blog.


Betty said...

I like Winchester, then you could call her Winnie. :-)

Anonymous said...

How about Beretta?

aunt chris said...

You could go with the family booze theme and call her "Bailey" or "Morgan"