Thursday, March 05, 2009


I got my new monitor tonight. I'm super exhausted because I took the day off of work and played 9 holes of golf (I'm so horrible but it's really fun) and had the cable guy fix my DVR that was no longer working after their software update, and then went and found my monitor. It's soooo pretty.

The plan is to actually blog about it with pictures, watch something fun on it, and blog about my birthday party as well... tomorrow night (probably this weekend). I was just too pleased to not fangirl squee about it right now.

I am happy. And here is the best part:

Remember when I said the birthday plan was to pool money and be lame so that I could make this purchase and that I didn't really need an actual present? When you total up all the money I got, I ended up paying seventy nine cents for this monitor. And that was excluding the money my parents gave me for my birthday. Yes, some of the money I used was given to me for Christmas, but that's okay.

I love my seventy nine cent monitor.

We can all thank Belinda for the interesting change. She gave me a mason jar full of silver coins for my birthday that totaled $28.76. One penny slipped in.

Promise to update soon. For now, I must get to bed. So sleepy!

End Blog.

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Bren said...

So are you going to not scorch your Aim messenger buddy box into this one... or will it be scorched?