Sunday, March 01, 2009

Totally Awesome Guest Bloggers!

Hello gentle readers this is Brenda and Ashley as guest bloggers at Nikki's totally awesome 80s party. We have been told to not edit ourselves to show the maximum radicalness and drunkenness of ourselves at this point of the evening.

At first entering the house we were totally astonished at the movie posters around the building and the rad candy left for us to devour (it popped in Ashley's mouth, aye!) There were booze, and laughter, and many many many many ptho... hmmm photo ops. at this party.

We played some Win, Lose, or Draw... we played some Guitar Hero and there was much hairspray and bangles and of course leggings in the buildling as well as some narly male costumes (mostly Canadian tuxedos and hair bang wigs!).

The booze flourished and pizza abounded as we recalled the times we were remembering or falsely remembering as many of us were wee babes at the time.

But total awesomeness was had as 80s movies were in the background with a soundtrack of fantisticness.

Rock Hard.

Rock with Spandex.

Rock on.

End Blog.

Whaat goes around comes around.

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