Monday, March 30, 2009

No Name Started Responding to "No Name"

It's about time I name her already.

The leading one (since I've gotten all my friends involved) is currently Lexus. Or Lexington.


Are Remington and Lexington too similar? How do you feel about Lexi or Lex or Lexus?

Lexington = super American, first revolutionary war battle, even though I hate history. Lexus = foreign car maker, better sounding name to yell, kinda classy... or maybe snobby. Lex = villain in Superman.

Naming children is hard.

End Blog.

PS, I took her to see her sister tonight. They had loads of fun.


Betty said...

Dude. Lexus is my stripper name on Facebook.

Lexus Passionspank. This should be here name. lol

Sean said...

Lexington could lose to much confusion for the puppies(though it is cool as it was one of the Gargoyles!). Of the ones listed, I would say Lexus.

TracyJ said...

Lex or Lexus sound good to me.