Saturday, March 07, 2009

Flashback to the 1980s

My birthday was last Saturday and I planned an 80s party for it. I put up a bunch of 80s movie posters that I printed from my computer and threw in some 80s bands for good measure. I went to Party America and found bottle caps and pixie stix and garbage pail kids (they seemed less gross than they used to) and candy necklaces and pop rocks and razzles. "Don't swallow it, just have faith, it will turn into gum!"

I wrote a big "NEW" on the 2 liter bottle of Coke and crossed out classic. I had a mix of 200 songs from the 80s. We didn't get through all of them even though we were up until 5am.

And I got people to dress the part. The best part was, everyone was totally into it and seemed to have a great time. The saddest part was that lots of us got parts of our outfits from Target and Walmart. Why is this fashion coming back?

Me and my coworkers!

Tanya won the "bring an 80s picture of yourself photo contest that has no prize" with a photo of her from a lipsynching contest in the mall when she was in high school. I will never know anyone cooler than this woman.

Troy's holding a tennis racket, in case you can't tell. I love his hair but he refuses to wear it like this in public.

This man is a rock god. You can tell by his Hannah Montana temporary tattoo.

Can you believe she got her entire outfit in Target?

It's Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful!

We helped Beth graffiti her jacket. This thing is totally rad.

Win, Lose or Draw.

Inspiration: Flashdance and Madonna. That's right, I found white lace fingerless gloves.

Is that Jennifer Beals hugging Robin Sparkles??

They got the beat.

Magnum, PI sits between adoring fans.

I bet this picture looks like ones you have from the 80s... minus that computer and printer in the background.

Remy dressed like Spuds McKenzie and drank Bud Light all night. She even attracts the ladies like him.

Until she became a rockstar and went on tour with Slash.

We ate pop rocks and coke, played Win, Lose, or Draw, put on a couple movies like Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, and Some Kind of Wonderful (after all, Watts - aka Brenda - was in that movie), and ended the night with Guitar Hero... or RockBand, I don't remember.

It was probably one of the best birthdays of recent memory, even if it snowed five inches the night before and I had to shovel my giant driveway so that all my people had somewhere to park.

I'm very happy for all my people. Thank you all for making it such a great night.

End Blog.

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