Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slice and Dice

Here are the six pumpkins that we carved last night at Belinda's house.

Carolyn did the one on the left, Belinda the one on the right. It's clearly the creepiest of the six.

I did the one on the left, Belinda, again, the one on the right.

This is Carolyn's pirate skull, although the picture's not the greatest. It's sitting on my front porch. (The first four are at Belinda's house.)

Here is my pumpkin. I got a white one this year. They are different. They even smell different when you're cutting them up. But, since it was white, I decided to make a spider web. And I carved a spider on the back so that it'll cast an orange glowing spider on the wall behind my pumpkin, like it's coming back to its web.

I had to go back and fix the spider so that you could see its legs better, but I think it's gonna look neat. These pictures don't show it really well.

Also, I carved the pumpkin on its side because I don't follow general pumpkin carving rules. And I am awesome.

We also picked out all the seeds and separated them. Belinda is gonna toast them. I hope I get some.

End Blog.


Mom said...

Belinda definitely wins the creepiness award! That first one looks like the scary clown from Steven King's IT. I might not sleep tonight.

B Fuhr said...

Awww, I wish I lived in KC. I'd get to do cool stuff instead of go home and be a hermit.