Friday, October 17, 2008

1 Month Hiatus... Stinks

It's been a month since the bee sting incident and another three weeks since the broken back thing, so I decided it was about time I got out there to mow my grass one last time for the season (I have high hopes that this is the last time). I thought, what better time than to do it now while I have sore muscles from thinking I could speedwalk yesterday?

It went well. I have a nicely mowed lawn for the first time in almost 2 months.

Remy went outside to play in the yard after I was done. She was sprinting around like a maniac, as she is known to do. I was messing with her with my broom since it was out from sweeping off the back concrete porch of grass clippings and she was play attacking it. When she got bored of that, she wandered around the yard. She always inspects it after I am done cutting it so I didn't think anything of it... until she started rubbing her shoulders into the ground.

It was actually really funny because I thought maybe a feral neighborhood cat had peed on that spot and she was masking the scent with her own. But when she came back to the back door, it turned out she was rolling in shit and now had both shoulders and her collar all gross and smelly.

Thankfully, I knew what she had just done, so she didn't get to go inside, and I gave her a cold bath with the hose right there. It was really cold. She was not happy. Maybe she learned her lesson.

At least she didn't come in the house covered in shit and spread it all over things.

She's never done that before. This better not be a new thing to do, either. Because it was icky. Do you hear that, Remy? Icky.

I suppose it's my penance for having a nicely mowed lawn. It's a lot easier to find shit in it now.

End Blog.

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