Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ballot Initiatives

Dear Kansas Citians,

If you haven't figured out what's on the ballot next Tuesday, I have a website for you. Here is a listing of all the ballot initiatives.

And this is a Kansas City Star article on the Light Rail.

Honestly, I'm torn on the light rail system. There is both bad and good in it, and the funny thing is, I should be all for it since it's basically my exact commute to work. You'd think that I was an underwriter for it or something. The trouble is, it would take 38 minutes to travel the whole route, and I can make it to work in 20 if I drive (and there is no traffic).

So, if I vote for it, maybe it'll get everyone off of the roads and there won't be traffic and I can still drive. I suppose the other main factor is that it would increase my property value. Although, I don't want my taxes to go up.

And speaking of taxes... this will push the sales tax in Missouri to something like 8%. That's a lot. I thought the sales tax was a lot when I moved here. I liked Pennsylvania and its 6%. Blerg.

Le sigh. At least all the other choices were relatively easy.

Make sure you check them out before being surprised at the polls on the 4th!

End Blog.

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