Friday, October 10, 2008

The Halloween Dilemma

My friend Beth's favorite holiday is Halloween. Every year she has a party with costumes. Every year I have no idea what to be. This year is no different. Please help me by giving suggestions as to a super great Halloween costume that doesn't require too much work, is not uncomfortable to be in all night, and doesn't require a dress or lots of makeup.

Hmmm... maybe that's why it's so hard for me to come up with something...

Meanwhile, Remy has picked out her Halloween costume. This was our conversation about it:

"Remy, I don't know what to be for Halloween."
"Aw, that sucks, Mom. I've already got my whole costume planned out."
"Really? What are you going to be?"
"I'm gonna put on a bunch of lipstick."
"That's not a costume, Remy. Lipstick isn't really enough."
"Sure it is, Mom. I'm going as a hockey mom." *

Who knew my dog was so political and super smart? She must take after me. Too bad she's not invited to the party.

Yeah... so... think of a costume for me!

End Blog.

*If you live under a rock, Remy is referencing Sarah Palin's vice presidential election speech where she told this joke: What's the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom? Lipstick. Granted, Remy is not a pitbull, but it's still a funny costume.


aunt chris said...

Lots and lots of ideas here. Go to quick and easy--I kinda like leaf blower and ceiling fan!!

mom said...

2 good choices, although the Kangaroo really cracked me up. Can't wait to see what you choose. There will be pictures, of course?