Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gas Prices

It's been a long time since I've said anything about gas prices, but I've been thinking two things about them recently.

Numero uno:
I love it when the stock market crashes and we have an economic crisis because gas prices fall a whole lot. I wouldn't mind if we continued this crisis. I mean, I am not struggling to make my mortgage payments (though it'd be cool if they were lower, but really, who doesn't think that no matter how much they are paying?) so I feel rather comfortable... but, wouldn't it be great to have a crisis so that all of the prices everywhere go down? I still can't figure out why exactly it's a bad thing, especially since I have absolutely no investments. And all you people thought I was pretty dumb! Stock market crash = lower gas prices. I've seen it happen. It's not a bad thing.

During the presidential debate last night, one of those candidates said they were paying $3.80 for gas in Nashville, TN. Excuse me? "Did the stock market not crash everywhere," I wondered. Let me tell you something... living in Missouri is super. Would you like to know what we're paying for gas here in Kansas City? Probably not, because your heart will have palpitations. The gas station near my house is currently selling regular for $2.86. That is well under three dollars, folks. It's not a typo. The average price for the state of Missouri is even lower at $2.69.

I went to my favorite gas price website ( that I used in the past to see what the gas prices were in DC because it always made me feel better about what I was paying. And you know what? No matter what zip code I put in, I couldn't find cheaper gas - although New Jersey is pretty close. I checked all the zip codes I know for my friends and family around the country: Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, California, and Virginia. Then I just started clicking on random states: Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska (holy crap, never move there), Hawaii, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire... Okay, I didn't click on all of them, but you know the only state I found that had lower prices?

Mississippi. If there's more, there are not many more.

And thus, everyone should move to Missouri. It's super awesome here. Do you hear that all you friends staying in the the northeast for no good reason? Move to Missouri. It's cheaper to get around.

So, here's to the second great depression, falling gas prices, and the awesomeness that is Missouri!

End Blog.

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