Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Annoying People

Today I saw a parked car with a blue ball cap inside with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign logo on it. It was displayed proudly in the back window. Then, right next to it, there was another hat supporting the McCain/Palin ticket.

What is wrong with people?

If you supported Hillary, you can't switch sides. McCain doesn't stand for anything that Hillary was supporting! Hillary herself is going to vote for Barack Obama.

If you are just voting for the ticket with a woman on it, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. In fact, there should be a quiz on the ballot and if you can't answer basic policy questions that you're supporting, your vote shouldn't count.

In fact, screw the whole equality thing. You should have to take an IQ test before voting. Regardless of your views, Republican or Democrat, it makes no matter - you can come in and get your ballot and IQ test. Take them both, submit them together... but if you don't score high enough on the IQ test, your vote won't be counted. And you will never know.

Ah, if I ruled the world...

End Blog.

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