Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Take Two

Beth had a pumpkin carving night of her own tonight so I ended up carving another one for someone else. Beth decided she was going to make "catbus" which only she and Daniel know about, along with little Japanese kids and the guy who created it. He's some secondary character in some anime cartoon, but she loves him, so it's adorable. Actually, she ended up making a super awesome pumpkin catbus.

Carolyn made another pirate pumpkin, because everyone should have one at their house. And I made a giant pumpkin eating pumpkins because Beth loved the one she made last year so much that I think it's going to become a running theme at her house. Therefore, I made a pumpkin eating TWO pumpkins and challenged Beth that next year she has to make a pumpkin eating THREE pumpkins... or a pumpkin eating a pumpkin eating a pumpkin. Because that would be the coolest, ever.

Beth made her little pumpkin vomit seeds last year and asked that we continue the trend. It's so much fun to make a pumpkin vomit and pretty cool to have this guy just gnawing on other pumpkins.

Funny that Beth's carving is supposed to bring joy and mine terror, although I still think Belinda has the creepiest pumpkin of all.

I think I'm all carved out for this year.

End Blog.

(Hmmm... it seems I somehow changed the resolution on my camera for no good reason. These pictures are huge!)


Sean said...

Do NOT diss the Catbus! My Neighbor Totoro is by Hayao Miyazaki, who is considered the equivalent of Walt Disney in Japan.

Dissing the Catbus... I tell you... these kids today!

Betty said...

Yay Catbus!!!! We WILL rule the world together someday!!