Monday, June 12, 2006

Sickly McSickerson

I thought I'd keep you updated on only the unusal symptoms of my cold. This one you'll enjoy.

Everytime I swallow my right ear sqeaks. You can't hear it, but I can.

The good news is that I found old cold medication in my cabinet containing pseudoephedrine. Man, remember pseudoephedrine? Back in the good old days? Of course it "expired" nearly a year ago. I suppose that tells you how often I get sick enough to medicate myself and how truely miserable I must be right now to be doing so. You know, aside from the ear thing.

God damn drug dealers had to go and ruin cold medicine for everyone. Phenylephrine just doesn't work the same. Of course, right now I'm vowing to go to a store before class tomorrow morning and grab me some oxymetazoline. I'm not kidding around anymore. That's how much the nasal congestion is bothering me. I'm bringing in the big guns - Afrin - even if it will make my throat hurt like hell. Please, God, let them still sell the most miracle wonder drug of them all.

Funny, you'd think if I was going to ask God for something, it would be to get rid of my cold. I suppose we see how much faith I have in healing the sick without modern medicine.

End Blog.

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