Monday, June 26, 2006

In My World, You Could Be Imprisoned For This

Jessica Simpson... you totally stole Madonna's song "Holiday" and tried to pass it off as your own. I hope she's getting royalties from your song "A Public Affair". Because she and Jellybean Benitez did it better the first time around.

Seriously people, have you heard this? The opening bars sound like a bad remake of "Holiday". I can't get over it. She's a stealer. And it's not like it's been sampled. It's been comptely stolen and re-synthesized. In, like, a bad midi form.

Okay, besides the fact that it's a Madonna song, you might wonder why I'm so upset. Therefore, I will share with you my fondest DC memory of all.

Leaving the Madonna concert (The Re-Invention Tour):
I get on the metro from the MCI Center with all the other fans leaving the Madonna concert. A completely empty metro train rolls in and we cram in like sardines. And someone in the back of my train starts singing "One day to come together to release the pressure. We need a holiday!" The whole train laughs, and then joins in. We sang the whole song, together. It was like living in a musical. (Like RENT but without all the AIDS. Not that I really know it was without all the AIDS. Maybe it was just exactly like RENT.)

It was the only time I ever felt united with other people in that city. And my favorite "city moment" from the entire 2 and a half years I lived there.

Jessica Simpson's ruining everything!

End Blog.


Lil'motherf*cker said...

Madonna is ruining my Abba.

Nikki said...

You got ABBA in my Madonna!
You got Madonna in my ABBA!

*Cue the Reese's jingle*
"Two great tastes that taste great together, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!"

Anyway... Madonna requested to sample "Gimme Gimme Gimme" for "Hung Up" from the Swedish superstars. There's a difference. She didn't deny that she did it. Jessica Simpson's not even acknowledging "Holiday", except to say she's flattered to be compared to Madonna at all.

PS - The Fugees ruined ABBA first.

PSS - For the record, yes, I do absolutely hate sampling. And not only has Madonna sampled from ABBA, but she's also done it from the Jackson's ("Can You Feel It" for her song "Sorry") as well. I know this. It saddens me. She's capable of amazing original work and I hope she gets over this weird 70's retro thing soon and stops sampling other people. Although, the more you listen to the latest record, the more it really grows on you. Except for "I Love New York". I hate that song and it should die.

*ends rant*