Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Comic Standing

Damn! I accidentally fell asleep waiting for the show to come on Bravo tonight, and when I woke up, it was half over. I was impressed with some of the comics I saw. No one completely bombed or anything.

But I write this tonight because they cut to a scene backstage as the contestants were waiting for the results – and who do I see?

Was that Theo from MTV's Road Rules? Is he even funny? What was his stand up like?

I mean, I know it was him. But his name was listed on the screen as "Theo Von" instead of "Theodor Vonkurnatowski". Probably a good choice is he's going into show business.

But, here's the thing… he's been on the Road Rules show and like a million of the Real World/Road Rules type challenge shows. I know. I watch the marathons. I watch for Coral and Mike "The Miz" and Theo. He's currently staring on the newest challenge show called Fresh Meat.

How much more exposure does he need? And, couldn't he live off of MTV forever? There's no way he'll make as much money as a comic as he is with MTV. Plus, I've never seen him be funny anyway.

So, I wasn't really surprised when he didn't make it past the round that I saw. But now, I totally need to see a rerun or something. I MUST see his stand-up.

So that I can understand.

End Blog.

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Nikki said...

Eh, he's not that funny. But there is potential there if he could polish it up a bit. I'm not convinced he's comfortable on stage yet. And I'd rather see him climb up a rope and ring a bell and then walk between two buildings 210 feet in the air.

The phone bit was somewhat entertaining though.