Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Superfabulosowonderific Start

It's 10:00pm the night before the big road trip. My suitcase is packed, but nothing else. Remy has refused to gather her things, once again using her lame excuse about not having opposable thumbs. I'm packing the rest tomorrow - all the electronics (Garmin, phone, chargers, etc.) and all the bathroom type things. Carolyn's bags are ready to be put in the car already and Brenda said that the Madonna concert tickets are already in her bag.

There's still stuff to do, and I'm sure that one or more of us will forget something, but I'm really excited. The camera has charged batteries, tons of room on the memory card, and Remy's been resting up. (Or sleeping all day like normal.)

If I get a chance, I'll blog on the road.

To the batmobile!

End Blog.

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