Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keith Olberman on Prop 8

Why is it that we had to wait for this until after Prop 8 had already passed? Why didn't I see anything like this before the elections? I mean, don't you think that Keith Olberman could have swayed a few more voters, just with this speech alone?

Maybe not. I mean, only the liberals are watching MSNBC. It's not like you'd ever hear anything like this on FoxNews.

Apparently Keith thinks that gay is the new black, too.

End Blog.


Belinda said...

Boo. I hate that because you are rightfully and truly employed that you beat me to the punch in posting this. Hope you had a nice day off and did whatever people are supposed to do on Veteran's Day (which I think might be shopping??)

Bren said...

Did you see the cover for the upcoming Advocate? - - "Gay is the new Black" I think they read your blog.