Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Remy!

Today is Remy's birthday, so before I went to work, I made sure she got a super great Birthday Bone!

Birthday Girl

I think she was pretty happy about the bone and surprised I even remembered and had a present for her. I'm sure glad I have her around. Look at that puppy!

Meanwhile, I'm having a party for her tonight, but the attendants don't really know it. We're gonna order some dinner and watch a movie, but I'm thinking of it as a party in Remy's honor. Because she totally deserves it.

Happy Birthday!

I was only slightly late this morning because I obviously hadn't planned on making a happy birthday singing video before work... but I did. The good news is that the trial run for taking videos and getting videos off of my 16GB memory card worked, so the road trip is going to be superfabulosowonderific now.

End Blog.


Bren said...

I think my favorite parts are trying to get Rem to go to work for you ON HER BIRTHDAY! and then the last wonder, 'it's kinda dark in here'... fantastic.

Misty Flores said...

awww. happy birthday, buddy!

Ma said...

Happy Birthday Remy! Hope you guys have a good , safe trip!
Looking forward to the *superfabulosowonderific* trip video. =)