Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

I found the perfect costume. It didn't require a lot of work, effort, or time to put together, and it was probably the most comfortable I've ever been in costume on Halloween. There were several other costumes Friday night that also looked very comfortable, but I was the only one not wearing pants. Because I was Tom Cruise in Risky Business... or anyone in a Guitar Hero commercial. And I was very pleased about the no pants thing. I'm pretty sure it's all I talked about. (I also bought men's underwear for this because you can't do this costume without them.)

Beth was turned into a zombie before the big dance and gnawed on her boyfriend Steve's arm all night. She was pretty fabulous posing for pictures.

She attacked people all night, until the most frightening costume of all arrived and kicked her butt. Her name was Sarah Palin, but I called her Tina all night.

We also had Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus show up together. I was waiting for Clark Kent and Superman to do the same, but they never did.

Battlestar Galactica also had some crew members in appearance: Starbuck (Dany) and Boomer (Brenda). These ladies actually put effort into their costumes, so kudos to them. They were pretty awesome. Brenda shot you if you tried to shake her hand. Even Steve got shot.

Alex had another comfy costume, although he had to be hot because I wasn't... and I didn't have on pants. In case you missed that part.

Comfy costume number three was actually one of my favorites. The only thing that would have made Waldo better was if Tom had made it his personal mission to get in every single picture.

Also, Zorro was there. I'm pretty sure Carolyn thought she was Dracula though because she kept posing with her cape all night like she was a vampire.

The Prom Queen of 1992 was also murdered, but came to the party anyway. I think Belinda, Beth, and Paul were the only ones with fake blood all over them. They were pretty cool.

Suppose the doctor can save Beth?

Carolyn's brother Bobby and Cherylann came as military and we had a fun trip to the army supply store to get their costumes. Sadly, I couldn't get them to buy a hand granade.

This is stewardess Linda. Her name tag said something about the Mile High Club because she's awesome like that.

Ashley and Daniel were both farmer types in overalls or flannel and fun hats. Not that Dan is in his here.

Candra came in the most ridiculous outfit of all - a designated driver. (Dan's hat is on his knee.)

And somehow I ended up with Belinda's prom queen crown. I think it looks good on Tom Cruise, don't you? Man, that popped collar is so awesome. As are my super white legs.

And Steve ended the night passed out in the candy pot.

It was a super great night and I had a lot of fun. I love the annual Anderson Halloween Bash.

Also, this took me forever to post because I got a new 16GB memory card for my digital camera and my computer couldn't read it even after I updated all my drivers and card readers. My camera had no problems with the card, but my computer's mind exploded because of it. I had to get a usb cable to hook my camera up to the computer to finally get the pictures off, and even that didn't go very smoothly. But I got them. Finally. And now I am able to share them with you.

I hope they were worth the wait.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

End Blog.

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