Wednesday, July 02, 2008

After Midnight Cat Fight

I just woke up, although I'm not exactly sure why, to find that Remy was not in bed sleeping. I got out of bed to see where she was and when I reached the pitch dark hallway, I heard her toenails clicking in my direction, and a few little huffs, indicating her level of mohawkness. I looked out the back door and saw one cat run from the back yard and another frozen in position on the cinder blocks that make up this random wall on my patio. So, I did what anyone would do at 2am. I hooked her on her cable and let her outside with fair warning to "be careful".

What follows is approximately 30 seconds AFTER I once again realized that this is something that should be recorded.

Disclaimer: It's dark. The lighting is bad. It's 2am. I just woke up. There is no editing. Maybe it was only really amusing to me... What you really can't see well is Remy kicking up large tufts of grass and her full on mohawk. What I missed was lots of hilarious growling and posturing while keeping a good distance from said cat. I think she may have taken some claws to the face at some point in her life because she kept a very respectful distance while still trying the be an intimidator... which I think worked pretty well for her.

That cat just disappeared! I'm sure it was still there, trapped. I think Remy might have even been able to see it, but I wasn't gonna go step in the bare grass with naked feet just to get them all wet and look for a cat I really don't care about.

It was an unusual morning... night... I'm tired. And Huffy McHufferson is still bent out of shape and would like to be outside on the prowl protecting her yard from those cat evil doers.

Tune in next week...

End Blog.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Awww, poor cat.

But fantastic footage. I love the tufts of grass being pummelled.