Monday, July 07, 2008

A Float Trip Photo Essay

The following is a brief photo essay of the series of events that occurred on July 5th, 2008.

I went with friends on a float trip to Steelville, MO to take a lazy 7 mile ride down the Meramec River. Remy came, too. She liked the water but was not a big fan of actual swimming. When she realized that she was taller when she stood and wouldn't have to swim, things went downhill. She realized that she was super smart and decided to foil my plan to have her wear everyone's floatin' hat by keeping me supplied with beer.

There's a beer around my neck. Remy gave it to me.

Oh, look, a beer in my hand. In fact, it's PBR (Procured By Remy) for Nikki.

Remy slips me another.

I quickly went from super happy...

To this. No, I can't get up, thanks. It's Remy's fault.

Look what Remy did to me.
Did you get a picture of her in your hat yet?

I wish I could tell you we were looking at fish in the water, not revisiting the sandwich I had for lunch.

And, that is why I have no pictures of Remy in everyone's float trip hats. She is smarter than I am... and I'm not sure who had a better time because I think we both had a blast.

Possibly more to come later.

End Blog.

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