Monday, July 28, 2008

Being Where, Exactly?

I rented Being There from Blockbuster eons ago, and in an effort to no longer waste my mail order membership, I decided to finally watch the movies I have and send them back. You're probably thinking that you've never heard of this movie... unless you are older than me.

You see, about the time the Academy Awards were presented this past year, I went to Blockbuster and decided to rent a bunch of older movies that had won an Oscar for something. And so, that's how this movie ended up in my mailbox.

I was scratching my head all throughout this movie, trying to decide why it won an Oscar. Turns out, it didn't. One of the supporting actors, Melvyn Douglas, did. Which makes a lot more sense... he was the best actor in it.

Overall, it was kinda slow and somewhat repetitive. My one major thought throughout this flick was, "My goodness, Shirley MacLaine is young. She is so pretty." It happened pretty much every time she was on screen. I might look for other things she's been in. I mean, she's got to be famous for a reason other than her weird spirituality stuff and being Warren Beatty's sister.

The other thought I had was, "Why is this movie called Being There?"

It was predictable. I wasn't overly excited by it. And then... I was just confused. At the very end of the movie, Chance walks on water.


I'm sure the title and Jesus-like activity are somehow related, but you got me as to how. Obviously, I am not smart enough to even begin to understand this movie. Which means that I don't really like it.

Maybe I should stay away from award winning films so that I don't hurt my little brain anymore.

Maybe you had to Be There.

End Blog.


Beth said...

You crack me up.

Now I'm probably gonna have to watch this one and see if I could "be there" too. Or understand anything.

Mom said...

I remember seeing this movie and liking it eons ago. =P It's even on my Netflix list, but far enough down that the newer movies keep trumping it. Maybe I should bump it up, and try and recall if I was there.