Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remy in a Hat... Kinda

Brenda told me about this contest that the Royals are doing where you're supposed to dress your pet in Royals gear and take a picture. I'm not really sure what you win, or if the contest is even still going on, but last weekend while she was visiting, she brought me some Royals gear that Remy would fit into. So, of course I put her in it.

Even Remy's Ducky is a Royals fan.

I'm saying, "Go Royals!" is this photo. Remy is licking my face. You can tell she's really happy in her shiny Royals jacket.

I understand why people dress up their pets. It's hilarious. But, only for five minutes... then it's just plain cruel.

End Blog.


Bren said...

This makes me giggle. So. Much.

mom said...

It looks to me that Remy enjoys clothes very much. Or maybe just the Royals. You should take her out to a ballgame. She'd like it. There's beer.
And she probably wouldn't even care who won.

Belinda said...

So, am I the only one that sees the look of despair in this poor dog's face? I am going to start dressing Nikki up and see how she likes it. :)