Saturday, April 05, 2008

April Sunshine Disease

It's nice out today. I'd like to be doing something fabulous outdoors... but I don't know what. I've called two people to see what they were up to, but I got voicemails and no return calls. So, I found myself in an unlikely predicament - cleaning my house.

Now, mind you, my definition of cleaning and yours might be markedly different. I swept up my hardwood floors and pulled out the vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dog hair. Then I tried to vacuum up the dog hair on the couches. It worked to an extent, but I wouldn't really declare anything in my house a dog hair free zone.

I cleaned up my kitchen a little, and brushed some dust off of other furniture in my house (don't get too excited, I used my hand). Then I threw away paper and junk mail, piled up all of Remy's toys, moved things from one room to another - that kind of thing. And it's bright and sunny and warm out, so I opened up a few windows.

Remy is currently sniffing out of the living room window, standing on the couch. She keeps walking back and forth between the bedroom window and the living room one, as if she needs to make sure they both smell the same.

I think I should probably give her a bath, but I don't see that happening, even though I just got a great deal of dog hair out of the house. I probably should, but that would require going to purchase either a hose or a new shower head... and I can't bear to go to the store. In fact, I should probably go to the store for groceries of some sort, but I think I'm going to order in or go out and buy food already made for me.

I think I'm accomplished enough for one day.

End Blog.

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