Thursday, April 10, 2008

Severe Weather Time!

"This monster storm has several heads." ~The Weather Channel People

There's currently a huge storm going across the Midwest. We've had a lot of rain recently (probably 3 inches in the last 2 days). So, there's talk about flooding (monster head one), damaging winds (head two), and nickel-sized hail (numero tres), and maybe a tornado or two or ten (it must be a really big monster to support all of those mouths, I guess). But, to top it all off, super cold air is coming in with this storm, and by midnight, we might get snow, which may last until Saturday, although they aren't telling me to expect any accumulation.

Although, they might be lying to me because they're fully aware of the rampage I'll go on if we get more snow.

Nebraska and South Dakota already have snow. The forecast claims they will likely get somewhere between 1-2 feet of snow. Yes, feet. Minneapolis has sleet right now, but is expecting some sort of accumulation as well.


Heh... Look at Nebraska. The entire state is covered in snow. Do you even know how BIG Nebraska is?

Right now I'm in a severe thunderstorm warning. (At least it's not a winter storm warning... yet.) There was a bit 'o hail earlier, but not a whole lot. I was driving home, trying to stay ahead of the huge storm the radio kept telling me was right behind me, while listening to traffic reports to make sure I didn't get stuck in the elements, on a bridge, in traffic. Obviously, I made it home without incident. (Even though the people here are still really stupid drivers when the weather is anything but sunny.) Nothing's happening right now. But, I did get hail at home. As you can see, it's not very big.

I say, "Bring on the hail!!" The Escape's in the garage and I have a brand new roof on my house. I feel nice and protected. I wanna see golf-ball sized hail. That would be awesome. I'd put it in a glass and use it as ice cubes. And I'd put a picture on here for you, too. Because I am that weird.

The weather out here is so much more awesome than it is on the east coast. (Really, everyone should experience one really huge Midwestern storm.)

This storm is moving north, from the south, and is juuuuust missing me. It's been reported that those red areas on the right of the picture have half-dollar-sized hail. So close! (I live kinda where the "Woodhill" label is located. You know, where it's not raining.)

Hey! Currently there's a tornado in Wayne County in Iowa. "A large and extremely dangerous tornado has been spotted by several people on the ground. Heavy rain and clouds may obscure the tornado. If you wait to see it, it may be too late. Take cover now." ~The Weather Channel People

I suppose I shouldn't want bad weather. I mean, I don't want my cable to go out... 30 Rock is brand new tonight!

Oooo... I hear thunder.

End Blog.

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