Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rockstar Remy

I had some friends over on Thursday night. They were on their way to the airport, and since I'm conveniently located, they hung out with me for a while before the plane was scheduled to land. So we played RockBand, ate wings, and drank beer (and, of course, I made them watch 30 Rock). Because that's what people in their twenties do.

However, our drummer (not me) got overly excitable and knocked over her Harp (not the instrument). I started to clean up the spill from the coffee table, and Remy came over to help.

Because Remy is a true rockstar, she didn't want the beer to go to waste.

Rock on, Remy. Rock on.

End Blog.


TracyJ said...

Rock Band is awesome. My brother got it on Friday night and the two of us have been playing it all weekend.

Brenda said...

I personally think that the tail of said rockstar pup is what tipped over the beer.

Thus.. she's even more of a rockstar.

Nikki said...

It more fun to blame the drummer for things like this. Trust me, it's always the drummer's fault.

mom said...

Of all the blog entries you've made in the past 2 weeks, I find it amusing that the one to spark some comments is the one about your Rockstar dog drinking beer. She clearly is much more entertaining than you! Bwah! =)

Nikki said...

That's it! I'm going back to posting pictures of Remy every day.