Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Remy and River

When the pups are inside, Remy goes out of her way to ignore River. When they are outside, they look like best friends, playing all the time. I don't know what happens when they cross the threshold to cause them to become mortal enemies, but I wish they would get over it.

For one, Remy's doing weird things like crawling under my desk and laying where my legs are supposed to go. It isn't so bad that she's extra clingy (she's also sleeping on top of me in bed) but she gets all tangled in my keyboard cable and pulls my keyboard from its home, which is annoying. Secondly, she's not doing any of her normal stuff. She doesn't even lay on the couch like normal. It's like she's put out in her own home and really upset about it. And finally, when they are outside playing - or vying for dominance, I'm not sure - they refuse to come in for anything. I really need to complete my yard fence so that I can just leave them out there without standing at the door to watch the whole time.

River, on the other hand, desperately wants to be Remy's friend indoors and out. She keeps trying to edge closer and closer to her... all the time. You know, that is when she's not distracted by something shiny, or moving, or fluffy, or chewy...

Doot doo... just lying on the couch like you...

Nothing to see, I'm not doing anything...

I touched your tail! Look how close I am!!!

I'm not sure if they finally overcame their issues or what, but they started playing together tonight inside the house! The pictures look much more vicious than it really was. Remy is such a good dog. She's so nice about the biting, even though I know River's teeth are sharp. She can put River's whole head in her mouth and not hurt the baby. I can only hope that she rubs off on the newbie and I get two great dogs out of this... though I can't imagine having a dog better behaved than Remy.

So, whatever is going on, I'm hoping Remy wins.

I'm trying to play them hard tonight so I don't have to wake up a million times in the middle of the night like I did last night. I think it's working... look who's tuckered out. This is about how tired I felt this morning.

End Blog.

1 comment:

mom said...

3 words- Quila and Savvy.
Hopefully Remy won't be as stubborn as Savvy. You have upset Remy's whole world! It will definitely take her time to adjust, in the meantime expect her to be extra clingy.
River better get used to he papparazi because I expect lots of baby pics of my new granddog. =)