Monday, December 01, 2008

Try This at Home

I read in article in the August 30th issue of Science News that dogs are susceptible to that weird human quirk of contagious yawning. You know the one, I yawn, you yawn, you yell at me for making you yawn... that one. Well, turns out, you yawn, your dog yawns, you get to giggle like mad.

After I read the article which suggested that canines are capable of empathizing with people, I thought that Remy would totally do it. She seems really good about picking up on human cues and body language. So, when I came home today, I let her out, played with her a bit, and got the garbage ready to go out. As I was carrying the bags to the door, she was lying on the couch. I looked at her and yawned big, with the fun sighing noise... and she yawned back with her high pitched jaw jittering yawn.

It totally works. Quick, go try it on your dog!

End Blog.

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