Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Dogtown

Having dogs at Christmas is very much like having kids at Christmas. Sure, they don't stay up all night waiting for Santa's arrival, but they are just as impatient opening gifts in the morning as any five year old.

Of course, since I've grown up, we haven't had to start Christmas at the crack of dawn. We can relax, eat breakfast first if we wanted to, watch the Disney Christmas parade. Except, we have Savvy. Surprisingly the oldest dog, and argueably the most well behaved of the pack, was the one to start Christmas by opening one of Dad's presents before I even woke up.

She ripped off the side of the package so that he knew what it was, and since it wasn't really destructable, let all of them finish opening it for him. (Except for Remy, she knew that it was inherently wrong to shred paper and therefore refused to participate in any of their reindeer games.)

This used to be the bow on that present.

After opening a present that was not theirs, Dad gave all the dogs thier gifts right away. Even with paper and toys and ropes and squeakers, they still came back to help open the rest of the presents. Apparently it's their only joy all year long, and the most stressful day, ever, for the Remster. She did not open her own gift, but Rudy had no problem opening his own and helping her out.

Here is Savvy opening her gift. It's a pink gorilla from clearance after Valentine's Day last year. We only give them the very best.

It was a pretty quiet Christmas beyond the dog's antics, but they were so entertaining. We are definitely dog people. After the Christmas fun, we had a nice dinner and then went out and saw Marley & Me. I had gotten the book for Mom a few Christmases ago. It was pretty great, although I have to say, bring tissues to this movie if you go see it. It wasn't a surprise ending, I knew exactly what was going to happen after reading the book, but being a dog owner makes it that much worse.

Besides all that, I read a bunch and found a House marathon on TV. A TV marathon! My kryptonite!

End Blog.

PS, Here are some more dog pictures because they make me happy... and you can't stop me.

Doesn't Qulia always look like she's up to no good?

Sleeping Savvy. She was the last of my parent's dogs that I would blame anything on. She fooled me with the early present opening. I blamed Rudy and Quila for it.

Remy stole Savvy's present from Quila. This was her victory photo. At least they are sharing.

Poor Savvy. Who could ever blame that face for anything? Not me.

End Blog two.

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