Friday, December 26, 2008

Remy v. Quila

Remy and Qulia usually get along really well so I don't feel bad about bringing her to Texas for the holidays. I think that she probably has more fun than I even do because her best buddy Quila makes sure that she's never bored. They run like maniacs outside because they're both pretty fast, but it's always the fight for toys or the wrestling matches that I seem to get on video, likely because the camera is close by.

Here they are battling over a toy that belongs to Savvy.

I tried to actually get some video of them in the yard this afternoon, but they didn't do their usual thing where Remy chases Quila around. Usually Quila is interested in playing with her red ball and Remy is interested in chasing her. Today Quila apparently didn't want to be annoyed by Remy because a bit of a scary tussle broke out between them and Quila went all Cujo on her ass... well, more like face.

There was growling and as soon as Mom and I tried to jump in to get them apart, Remy started crying as Quila continued to attack. Mama Nikki stepped up and pulled Quila off of her little baby girl, who was completely full of slobber. One of my fingers got a little bitten in the process (no blood, I'm fine). Remy has a tiny puncture wound on her cheek which bled a little.

Mom and I cleaned her up. Poor baby. Hope they figure everything out. I think Quila is a little too obsessive about her dumb red ball. I think she would die before deciding she was too tired to retrieve.

I wonder if Remy will let it go or if it will ruin their little doggie friendship. Quila cannot be trusted all the time.

My poor puppy.

End Blog.

(Update: They're still playing tug of war with stuffed animals, so I suppose all is forgiven.)


Bren said...

Aw, give the Remster a pet for me. And because I'm lazy... I've never seen dogs opening up their own gifts. Behold the difference between inside and outside dogs.

Belinda said...

Poor Remy just can't catch a break! I'll be sure to spoil her rotten when she next comes to stay!

big sis said...

At least it's not just Ripley getting attacked anymore.

big sis said...

Did Dad go Cujo on Quila's ass?

Nikki said...

Dad slept through it so she didn't catch a beating from him, which I think was probably better. I'd have felt guilty about that, too. I hate it when he does that.