Sunday, December 21, 2008

There's the Moose Again

I love the holiday Garmin commercial where they change the words to the song Carol of the Bells, which happens to be one of my favorite Christmas songs. The best part is when they sing, "There's the moose again!" when the guy continues to drive around in circles because he's lost in a snowstorm. This year, they have a new commercial and I had a much harder time figuring out the words, but after seeing it a few times, thanks to YouTube, I've done so. The running nun and the fish who looks at the guy holding him up at the end really make me laugh. Also, I want that tiny little van.

One for a man
In a little van,
Get there with ease,
Hair in the breeze.

One for commuter
On motor scooter,
Rolls down a hill,
Bugs in her grill.

One for the sport,
Where are the shorts?
Ah, very tight,
Made for a bike.

One for a nun,
Out for a run,
Wrist keeps a log,
What she has jogged.

One for a Viking,
Out for some hiking,
Find the village,
He will pillage.

Find what you want,
Find what you wish,
There's even one,
To find a fish.

Give a, give a, give a, give a Garmin.
Find something fun for everyone.
Garmin dot com,
Garmin dot com.

As a side note, Garmins are totally great. Even if you know a better way to go, they're super fun to mess with... that is, if you consider them a second person in your car who is trying to read a map, as I do.


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