Monday, December 01, 2008

Economic Stimulus

Here are some random pictures from the Economic Stimulus Road Trip 2008 where we drove to Warrensburg, MO to Indianapolis, IN to Middletown, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ to Middletown, NJ to Orwigsburg, PA to Auburn, PA to Chambersburg, PA to Annville, PA to Chambersburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA to Middletown, NJ to Fairborn, OH to Warrensburg, MO and all the way back to Kansas City. It was a long time in the car, but it was super fun. And the best news is that we never paid over $2.09 for gas the entire trip.

Random highlights:

This was the house I grew up in. First, in order to get into the gated neighborhood, I had to remember the number to the front gate (It was the area code that I couldn't remember because I never dialed it. Thankfully Carolyn was looking at signs for businesses that had numbers on them and we figured it out.) and then lie to them about who I was and that I was expecting myself... After I got in and saw the house and yard, I freaked! The garage doors were white! The little trees were so huge! There's a new tree in the front yard in a really weird spot!

But really, why would you change the garage doors to white? They looked nice when they were maroon like the shutters and door.

This is Brenda in Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. That's a lot of chocolate right there.

This is Carolyn hugging Hot Dog Frank, a statue at my undergrad school. I think that everyone that went there has some sort of photo taken with Hot Dog Frank. I know I have one where I'm kissing his cheek. Anyway, the funniest thing is that we had to come back later because the bookstore was closed and Janelle wanted to purchase new LVC apparel. When we came back, I had Remy with me who went for a walk and happened upon Hot Dog Frank. She totally hawked out and barked at him. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do, and I'm so upset that my camera was in the car for it.

Remy does not like Frank. Although, she did get close enough to him to sniff his hand, which was the cutest thing, ever. I think she was confused because he smelled like metal, not human. Adorable.

Pictures from Erin's place and our 5 year college reunion, including the elusive Sarah who is apparently allergic to photographs or something.

My FAVORITE car picture of all. Brenda's trying to sleep, Remy's yawning, and I'm trying to get the shot from the front seat. Cramped much? Remy didn't believe in personal space.

"The pilgrim companion drank from the cup of life while the hunter looked on." Don't ask me what that means, these two were completely goofy on Thanksgiving and sitting at the other end of the table, like a million people away from me. I'm sure Brenda will blog about her escapades with Cherylann.

We made friends with this guy by waving Carolyn's Kansas hat at him in the window. A Pennsylvania plate with KU on it! Marybeth will be so proud! And it's even a Prius. It's like he went there.

This cross is the biggest cross, ever. It's in Illinois. In Effingham. Which makes us giggle. Doesn't that sound like an effing curse word?

Remy's personal boundaries are awesome.

We took nearly 40 video clips as well, but it'll take me some time to get through all of them. There are tons of other pictures as well, but I just wanted to get some up of the trip now.

Stay tuned.

End Blog.

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Aunt Chris said...

If you think the cross is big, next time you come visit, we'll head south on I-75 to Cinci and you can see "Touchdown Jesus"